What is Pankaja?

The Practice’ specialism and main focus is on Career/Business & Life Coaching, Relationship Therapy as well as Trauma and Addiction. The Essence is growing self-consciousness and developing/ emphasizing your Personality through Psychotherapy and Systemic Psychology. My main goal is to grow self-awareness, transform old patterns into new desired behavior to enhance quality of life in all areas of life.

Why the name, Pankaja?

Pankaja is a Sanskrit name and according to the Indian Myth it refers to the Lotus flower from which the Hindu God Brahma has born. The Lotus symbolize the development of an individual which come to blossom when opening its many leaves one by one until reaching the core. Brahma is also the God of Creation.

“As i don’t believe in coincidences. I think everything happens on the right moment. On a nice autumn day i met a special women with her daughter in a little cafe in amsterdam. At a moment in my life that was turbulent and quite heavy… I tried to find inner peace and happiness. 

After having a really nice spontaneous chat about spirituality she gave me her card. In the past i tried already yoga and tried to meditate at home and it dint worked out for me. So i was first sceptic, but decided than just to give it a try.

Starting in a small group of nice people Nadine embraced us in her home and explained her way of working. Still i was a bit sceptic but after the session it turned out one of the most nicest experience i had. Totally relaxed and smile on my face i biked home.I was so exhited and never thought i could meditate and feel so enlightend thank to Nadine

This once a week “date” was the higlight of my week and made me think diffrent and gave me every single time the peace i was looking for…”

M. Bulut

More information about the used methods: