Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medicine which strives for balance between the body , mind and environment (Holism).

This ancient study is based on holistic principles and comprehensive energy. According to Vedic views this energy builds someone’s personal constitution. Vedic constitution represents the three elements,Ayurveda provides Balance between the inner and the outer being for optimal performance. called doshas: Pitta (fire), Kapha (earth), Vata (air). Each unique constitution contains one or a combination of the doshas. These Doshas do not only represent our being, it’s also used to create balance and harmony on mental and physical level as well as environment. By adapting a healthy lifestyle which contains certain foods, herbs and interior decorating you are able to improve your general performance and health.

The goal is to achieve inner peace and harmony by implementing a customized Vedic Lifestyle which is easy to apply on interior design. Using color psychology according to Vedic principles in order to empower your well-being.


In accordance with the needs of the client, a Vedic consultation takes approx. min. of 60 minutes and max. 120 minutes per session.

The client receives a written advice.

If desirable, consultations can take place at extern venue (house call).