Adoption Coaching

Adoption Coaching

Adoption Coaching is a specific field of interest as well as my expertise. It holds a special place in my heart due to the fact that I have been adopted as a baby. This does not only make me an field expert but due to the fact, I have been able to develop great empathy for everyone in a similar situation. Common themes which appear around adoption are related to identity (who am I?), issues of commitment, fear of bonding, loss as well as ownership (am I allowed to be here?). These themes coming from a conscious and/or subconscious level could have a significant influence in daily life. Unnoticed it influences routines, actions and behaviour. To me, adoption became an essential part of my life and it generated growth in many levels. This contributes my clients in an effective support where they feel acknowledged and seen. 

During an Adoption Coaching Track you will experience safety, self confidience. As you develop and reconnect with your own true identity. As an adoptee you get insight in recurring themes and specific issues which you have encountered along the way or even come across in future.

According to your personal queeste and request, I am guiding you during this unique process.

For who exactly?

For adoptees who:

  • become a father or mother soon; guidance and support in emotional themes during pregnancy
  • want to transform loss, anger and grieve
  • willing to investigate their identity and put down powerfully
  • struggle with double loyality; biological parents and adoptive parents
  • have the intention to search their biological parent(s); what to expect? which steps to follow?
  • deal with external adoption or inland adoption

Note: I am also guiding adoptive parents with one or more adopted children, adoptive parents-to-be and couples who are considering adoption. According to your personal request, we look further into current and future (family) dynamics between parents and child(ren) as well as personal needs and desires.

This Adoption Coaching will have a healing impact on both parties, parents and kids.

Adoption Coaching consultation

A consultation takes ca. one hour. Only by appointment. A Coaching Track consists of min. 6 sessions at which personal needs, desires and goals are finetuned. Acknowledged global methods such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Systemic Work (Family Constellations), Ericksonian Hypnosis and Mindfulness are used in order to create different thought and behaviour patterns.


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For more information about adoption you could always visit organization WERELDKINDEREN in The Hague – THE NETHERLANDS: