Reading & Healing


The Aura is an energetic field which is surrounding us. It contains important information about our physical, mental and emotional condition. It shows someone’s current state of mind as well as the personality.

It gives good insight in health, relations, family, career and personal potency as well as qualities and skills. A reading offers you detailed information and specific answers to deeper personal questions.

a Consultation takes approx. between 1hr. and 1,5 hr.



A Reading and/ or Healing is a true gift for yourself or another.In case of energetic blockages or misbalance of the Chakras a healing is a very effective method to improve and heal your psysical, mental and energetic body. A healing resets your system, heals leakages and provides better flow of energy in the chakras which affect your general well-being.

The healing method I use is worldwide known as Pranic Healing. (by Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.)

a Consultation takes approx. 30 minutes.

For further information and appointment:
T.: +31 6 10754311