Holistic Coaching

Walking the path of Life sooner or later we may feel stuck in our personal or professional lives.

Things are slowly moving or seem not to move at all. You even might feel set back.

Irrespective of the durance of the issue you are facing, one or more coaching sessions will help to give insight and clarity in order to move forward, change or put things in place.

Perhaps you are already consciously focused on change, but don’t know where to start from.
As a Holistic Coach with professional view and guidance according to your personal wishes, I aim on the goal where you want to be. It is a comprehensive way of coaching and covers all areas of life.

Holistic coaching is essential and used for:
  • Stress & Mental Coaching; burn-out symptoms and desired change of mentality/behaviour
  • Business Coaching; exploration, optimalization of talents, competences and/or change of career
  • Life Coaching; couple coaching therapy sessions, individual competences, personal goals for daily improvements and long term impact
  • Team Coaching; (higher) management, team leaders for optimalization of team dynamics, efficiency, leadership and business objectives as well as burn-out prevention 

Acknowledged methods such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Systemic Constellations and Hypnotherapy are evidence based instruments which I use to make the unconscious, to conscious. Patterns of thought, language and behaviour will be brought to the surface and changed in order to increase cognitive development.

a Consultation will take approx. 1 hr.

Single consultations need to be payed in advance.

For further information and appointment:
T.: +31 6 10754311
E.: info@pankaja.nl