Pankaja Introduction

For a number of years, Nadine has been living in Italy, Switzerland and on the continent of Africa while working with local and expatriate women and children.

Back in Amsterdam, since 2011 she successfully runs her Holistic Practice where she guides and supports clients to reach their highest potentials. The Practice is ruled on the basics of Clinical Psychology and principles of Ayurveda. Her expertise and main focus is on Holistic Coaching, Mindfulness Training, Aura & Chakra Reading, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), (Family&Business) Constellations and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Nadine is a certified and well trained NLP/Systemic Coach, Kids Yoga Teacher, Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Trainer. On a weekly base, she runs guided Meditation classes for individuals and delivers customized & inhouse Mindfulness Programs for international companies and higher management.

Her approach: Hands-on, Inspiring, Motivating, Creative and Sincere. No chit chat, straight to the core fits her best. She is an expert on easy-to-integrate-methods. 

Besides, Nadine is an author and illustrator of the book Little Mouse & The Big Heart. She is Public Speaker and Co-Founder of online platform Think BIG (Believe, Integrate, Grow) which she has run for more than five years.


“To me the human Personality is like a bud which loves to blossom if we give her what she needs; sun light (divine love), rain (purity) and now and then a breeze (inspiration).”